Jerusalem – Goodbye for Now


Our time in Jerusalem is drawing to a close – we leave early tomorrow morning.

We have accomplished our initial purpose, completing the videotaping of our “Stations of the Cross:  A Biblical Devotion” video Bible study.  Now Tim must edit it into a finished product.  You can view the introduction here.

Today we went to the overlook (Old City from the Mt. of Olives) where I took the above photo.  Tim also took my photo from that spot and I took one of Tim working


Of course, my favorite photo from our time here is the one I’m now using for my Facebook photo, a photo from the children’s cancer unit at the Augusta Victoria Hospital:


It was a pleasure also to produce video for the Lutheran World Federation/Jerusalem (Mark Brown) and its Augusta Victoria Hospital.  As Tim finishes editing these videos I will link them here.  We also were privileged to produce video for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) and Bishop Munib Younan.  Some of those videos are now up on You Tube and I’ll add others as they become available.  Here’s the list thus far with the links embedded:

I was also able to produce a video greeting for my congregation, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Santa Monica, California. (view it here).  This trip would not have been possible without Mt. Olive’s support.  Tim and I are very grateful to our wonderful Holy Land hosts, especially Mark & Susanne Brown, Carrie Smith and Bishop Younan.

Watch for more video as well as two newspaper columns – I’ll post links here when they are “ready for prime time” viewing.

Now a long trip home.

Still at it…


One thought on “Jerusalem – Goodbye for Now

  1. Rev. Eric, I have been following your tedious and most rewarding journey to the Holy Land. Your daily blogs are most educational and informative as to how people of the Lutheran faith are worshipping and honoring their Christian beliefs, far across the lands from Santa Monica, California. Thank you so very much for allowing us the priviledge to have these ‘armchair travels’ with you. Blessings and have a safe trip home.
    Wally Pegram, a neophyte at Mt. Olive.


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