Schedules change

Today we were scheduled to travel to Jordan to visit the new Lutheran Pilgrim Center at Bethany Beyond the Jordan – Jesus’ baptismal site.  However, these plans got cancelled.


This gave us the chance to return to the Old City to tape the remaining sections of our “Stations of the Cross” video project as well as a video greeting for Mt. Olive Lutheran Church members who come to worship services this weekend.


Of course, the biggest task for the “Stations of the Cross” video Bible study project remains – editing – but it is a good feeling to have the taping “in the can,” so to speak.

You can read more about the Lutheran Pilgrim Center at Bethany Beyond the Jordan here.  The Presbyterian Church – USA did a video about the center which you can view here.

Tomorrow we head to Ramallah to visit the Lutheran School of Hope there.

Still at it…


One thought on “Schedules change

  1. Will you get to the baptismal site in Jordan another day or is it off the itinerary? It’s so awesome, hope you can still get there.


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